Thursday, 10 March 2011

Server Commands

Thank you Paul Dotter.... 

sh ta                                                         = show tasks that are running in Notes 
lo replica                                                = load the replicator task (can run multiple replicator tasks but best not to run more than 3) 
sh ser                                                        = shows server info 
sh users                                                = shows connected users 
Sh xdir                                                        = shows the directory configuration (e.g. DA config and DA file in use) 
rep UK_London_Hub/Server/Gestetner_UK/NRG        = replicate with server (use full server name) 
load router config update                                = loads connection changes into the router without rebooting the server 
tell router quit                                                = quits router while leaving the domino server up and running 
load router                                                = loads router after the above command 
tell dircat quit                                                = quits the directory catalogue process 
load dircat sdc.nsf                                        = loads the server directory catalogue process 
dbcache flush                                                = clears the servers cache memory (handy to change filename or delete file on the fly) 
q                                                        = quits Notes server 
quit                                                        = quits Notes server 
sh port com1                                                = shows port use and who's using it 
load convert mail/mailfilename.nsf * dwa7.ntf                = replaces the template design of specific mailfile to dwa7.ntf 
load convert mail\ * dwa7.ntf                                = replaces the template design of all mailfiles in the mail folder to dwa7.ntf 
tell amgr cancel "db name" 'agent name'                = stops an agent running on a server 
Trace uklon01-mail01                                        = traces a path to the server specified 
set config server_restricted= 0                                = server access is unrestricted 
set config server_restricted= 1                                = server access is restricted for the current server session. Restarting the server clears the setting. 
set config server_restricted= 2                                = server access is restricted persistently, even after server restarts . 

broadcast  "(!) Server will be down from 12:00 to 12:20  for  emergency maintenance. Please close your Databases before 12:00 "  - With the "!" it displays a message box to the user

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