Thursday, 15 December 2011

Pastures New

It is now time to pack up my desk for the second time in the same year.  This is quite strange for me, even through I am a contractor.  Usually I will stay with a company for a year or more, meaning that I never pack up my desk more than once.  This contract was originally for three months, but has lasted six, with two additional extensions.

Yesterday I handed in my notice and have managed to persuade my client to release me tomorrow.  This means I can start my new contract on Monday, giving me eight days of work between now and the new year at the new client.  These eight days should be sufficient to get my feet under the table, understand the project(s) and to get an overall picture of the situation.

The new client is a Bank.  This will bring some increased awareness of risks, issues, overall communication and (of course) Red Tape.  I have already been warned that there will be many hoops to go through and paper work to complete to "get things done".  The upside of this, is that the design phase of all projects becomes a very important and extended phase, with the view that once the solution and plans are accepted, the project is set in stone.  As the Project Manager, it will then be my task (or head!) to make sure they stay on time, to plan and within budget.

I cannot wait.  Exciting times ahead...