Sunday, 6 March 2011

@explode in LotusScript

21st December 2010 - Update - I would no longer use this code as there is a Split function already to use in LotusScript.

The code below is still useful to know, but I would use the split from no onwards.

Please note I did not write this, but it is useful code to share.

Function LSExplode(ByVal sInput As String, ByVal sDelimiter As String) As Variant
 'LotusScript equivalents for the @Explode
 Dim sOutput As String
 Dim aOutput() As String
 Dim nPos As Integer
 Dim nNextPos As Integer

 sOutput = sInput  
 ReDim aOutput(0)  
 nPos = InStr(sOutput, sDelimiter)
 While nPos <> 0
  aOutput(UBound(aOutput)) = Left(sOutput, nPos - 1)
  sOutput = Right(sOutput, Len(sOutput) - Len(sDelimiter) - nPos + 1)
  nPos = InStr(sOutput, sDelimiter)
  ReDim Preserve aOutput(UBound(aOutput) + 1)
 aOutput(UBound(aOutput)) = sOutput  
 LSExplode = aOutput
End Function

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