Friday, 15 February 2013

Project Update - Feb 2013

Wow - it is already the middle of February.  2013 seems to be going as fast as 2012 flew by.  Before we know it, it will be Easter holiday time.

This month has been a short month for me.  I worked through Christmas, into the New Year and then took a week of holiday with my family to Centre Parcs.  I have been back at work for three weeks and have not made time to write a blog.  I have two poor excuses.  The first is that I am trying to study for the PMI Risk Management exam.  The second is that I am tracing my family tree.  Both of these tasks have eaten away my free time in one way or another.

As for the family tree, I had previously gone way back along both my Wife's and my own family tree, but I had branched out in all directions.  I decided that I needed to start over and concentrate on the male side of the lines, following the 4 grand fathers that we have.  I will create a blog post next month with a short summary, but I warn anyone looking to start their own tree that the process is time sapping and very addictive.  I find it very therapeutic, which is a welcome break after studying and working hard.

The Risk Management study is not going as well as planned.  I am already behind on my simple study project plan, due to a slight lack of enthusiasm in the early part of the year.  I had planned to read the PMBoK Risk Management chapter during my family holiday, but this was not achieved, as I decided that I needed a complete break from work for a week to relax and recuperate.

Study is now going well and the plan to read the chapter from the PMBoK will be completed this weekend.  I have a set of 30+ questions on Risk Management, so I will ensure that these are completed on Sunday morning, before I have some guests for dinner.  The most important task is to book my exam.  I have already been accepted and have passed all of the prerequisites, but I must book the exam to ensure I have the correct focus.

I have been very busy this month on my project at work.  I have written a separate blog post to update you all on what has been going on there.


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