Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How many blogs should one have?

I am writing an open question to you all.  How many blogs should one have?

I am in the mind that one person should have a single blog.  I write  articles on several topics at the moment, one being Lotus Notes and the other being Project Management.  Both of these blogs are under two different names, one being "Paul Cable" and the other being "The Secret Diary of a Project Manager".

I 'think' I would like to copy my articles from the project management site into this site and close down the PM site.  I would then look to open the article content up to another of my work streams, which is Online Backup.  In addition, I would start writing blogs on all sorts, such as personal experiences, including rugby, dieting and exercise, but everything would be in one place.

Is a single blog suitable for this, or should I keep the personal articles in a separate blog and just include anything 'work' related into my single professional blog?

I see many blogs - especially the Lotus Notes blogs on Planet Lotus - relating to mainly work related articles, with the odd article on personal matters, so does that mean I keep a single blog, but limit my personal articles.  If so, what is the respectable limit?

What do you think?


  1. If you are going to move content you will want to do some redirects and such but you can have as many as you like based on type of readers

  2. I have a number of blogs, some started and not often updated, others specific niches that serve a purpose.
    But personal anecdotal blogs on one site are fine, general business and/or technical on the same blog is fine too but if you will be posting regularly on a completely other topic, you may want to keep the 2 separate.
    But try it, your readership will let you know if you are out of bounds.

  3. I think I am going to keep this blog work related and not include the diet and exercise articles here. I may include some Online Backup and Project Management posts and anything else work related, but I will keep my personal articles to a minimum. Thanks for your feedback.