Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Project Management newsfeed

I have used a site called Planet Lotus for many years, keeping up with all of the blog articles relating to Lotus Notes.  This site is a valuable tool in today's busy world as it provides a collection, in date/time order, of all of the blog entries created by people in the Lotus Community.  It is a fantastic resource.

I am moving more into the Project Management world, I was looking for a similar resource.  It does not exist.  I am now trying (for free) to get a PM Community together and a collection of feeds to provide for all.

Here is the link.

I'd appreciate a mention to your PM's and hopefully I can grow this into a similar useful community site, just like Planet Lotus.


  1. Hey Paul - Would love to connect with you on this effort. I'm working with PMI New York City and wanted to have more feeds on our site as well. Have you found any stellar ones?

    1. Any suggestions for sites are more than welcome. The idea I provide a single news feed of all the websites, with a link to the original article. I know this worked very well from my previous experience with PlanetLotus, which was an aggregation of all blog posts from the world of Lotus Notes. Feel free to pass on the site and ask people to email me with their details. I just need to get the site known, so that people can benefit from the content.