Friday, 29 July 2011

Teaching a new dog old tricks

We came across a new problem on my project last night.  It seems that the "Preview in Web Browser" menu option is not available to users without the Designer client with version 8.5.2.  We have a department who are using a Lotus Notes application for their Content Management System, which must allow the user to review their draft documents in a web browser.

I do not recall this menu item missing with previous releases, however, after a little research I have discovered that this menu option is not available in 8.5.2 if you do not have the Designer client installed.

I created a new text file in notepad and saved it with the name of "Designer.exe" and started Lotus Notes.  Hey presto! ... we have the menu option.

This little trick was used in the days of version 7, when you wanted to install Notes, you can teach a new dog old tricks...


  1. I assume the Content was on a local client hence the reason you need to fire up a local HTTP task rather than just use a LS Open URL method?

  2. Yes indeed. A standard client... and we have no access to change the application code.

  3. this option has never been available without a Designer install, because to preview locally, there are additional files required that only come with a Designer install. I would be really surprised if a local preview would work after the change you made to a plain Notes client. If the database you are attempting to preview in was on a server, this may work (tho it certainly is not tested or supported).