Thursday, 10 March 2011

Second in the World

I read in the news today that Google Android is now ranked as the number two mobile operating system used globally with a 17% share.  Symbian is still the number one with 37%.  This surprised me, even though I am an Android advocate, I feel that I am under constant bombardment from the iPhone users around me.  Even my wife has an iPhone. 
I have never been a fan of the iPhone, or the Apple brand for that matter.  I have always seen it as being a fashion accessory and felt that the specifications of their devices always came second to the fashion.  I remember avoiding the iPod many years ago, in favour of the iRiver mp3 player as this was a far superior product, which did not rely on it's fashion statement advertising to sell as the technical specs did all the selling for itself. 

When it came to mobile phones, I used a HTC back in 2006 (ish), which was the HTC SPV 3100.  This was a windows mobile phone, with a slide out qwerty keyboard.  This changed the way I used a mobile phone.  I was previously a iPaq user, but hated the fact that I had to carry both a iPaq and a mobile phone. 
I have kept with HTC over the years as I feel that they produce excellent phones.  I went from the HTC SPV to the smaller HTC Dual, then onto the amazing HTC HD (which I left in a taxi in Barcelona, but that is another story), which lead me to the HTC Hero, my first Android mobile. 

The HTC Hero introduced me to Android.  I had seen the Nexus One, but as this was the early days of Android, it failed to impress me enough to leave the Windows Mobile OS.  However, upon "misplacing" my mobile in Barcelona, I was advised that the Android was "The" new Mobile OS and that the HTC Hero was an excellent choice of phone.  They were not wrong. 

I used the HTC Hero from November 2009 until March 2010,when I discovered the new HTC Desire, so I had to get one.  This phone is amazing.  The size, the shape, the look and feel and the usability is excellent.  I am a big fan of the application market and the majority of the applications I use are free.  I will have a future blog discussing the applications that I use. 

I like the fact that the iPhone is forever catching up with Android and windows mobile, such as being unable to forward an SMS message, or simply copy and paste.  That made it very easy to wind up my iPhone user friends.  Don't get me wrong, I do like the idiot proof iPhone interface, but I do prefer the usability of the Android OS, including the multi-tasking and the HTC Sense-UI. 

There is one thing I am missing out on and that is the IBM Traveller, which is working very well on all of  the other mobile operating systems.  There is currently a beta programme out there, but the company I am working with are not currently on the beta.  We have IBM Traveller running for the Symbian. iPhone and Windows mobile platforms, but we are awaiting the roll-out of the official version for Android.   

For now, I am trialing the NitroDesk Touchdown application, which hooks into the IBM Traveller service and is able to download my mail, calendar and to-do list from my mail file.  It works very well and I would recommend it for a work around while we wait for the new version of IBM traveller, which will include the Android compatibility.

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