Thursday, 24 March 2011

Orange HTC Desire and Tethering

Since buying my Archos 101 Tablet, I have not been able to tether it via wireless, bluetooth or USB to my HTC Desire.  This morning I came across a solution, so I thought I would share it with you.

I cannot claim any help towards this solution, but I can confirm that it is working.

Source: Link

From your homescreen;

Menu/settings/Wireless&Networks/Mobile networks/Access Point Names

You should see the following three APNs;

Orange Internet
Consumer Broadband
Orange MMS

(that "consumer broadband" one is the one I don't remember seeing before, but I may have been blind. If you don't have it, go ahead and {assuming it's a clean factory-issue Orange Desire obviously} Unrevoke your Desire!)

Select Consumer Broadband

CHANGE the APN from "consumerbroadband" to "orangeinternet"

CHANGE the Username from <Not set> to "Orange"

CHANGE the password from <Not set> to "Multimedia"

Make sure you use the capital first letters exactly as I've typed them there. Oh, and don't type the " marks. I'm sure if you're smart enough to use XDA-Dev you already know that, but no harm in stating it for the n00blets.

Authentication type should be set to CHAP. Make sure, I think it was anyway but just check.

Press your Menu button, tap "Save"

And that's it.

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